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10 Things You Need To Know About Bookfunnel

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1 – Bookfunnel started life as a book giveaway website for authors. It allows you to give away an EPUB, MOBI or PDF version of your book in exchange for an email address, which in turn allows you to build an email list of potential future customers. You can give away full books or extracts of books. At one time, it was better to create a web page yourself for these giveaway events, nowadays Bookfunnel gives you a ready-made page for events, removing all the technical hassles. The lowest entry price is $20 at the time of recording, if you can stretch to the $100 per year midlist option which gives you access to the best features and two author names. I use the $250 bestseller option because I need 3 x author names now I’m publishing non-fiction again.

2 – BookFunnel has two main competitors – Prolific Works and StoryOrigin. There was a time when Prolific Works was better than BookFunnel, but BookFunnel has left Prolific Works in the dust due to its constant innovation. I’d now place StoryOrigin in 2nd place, but to be fair to StoryOrigin – which I’m a big fan of – it is trying to offer a different overall service to authors. I’d recommend trying out BookFunnel and StoryOrigin, but steering clear of Prolific Works while they recover their mojo.

Author promos now come with reputation management – which means you can spot freeloaders and deny them access to your event:

Examples …

Paul J. Teague

You have completed 1 newsletter promo and have sent an average of 238 readers to each promo.

You have not completed any sales promos with this author name.

Paul Teague

You have completed 5 newsletter promos and have sent an average of 396 readers to each promo.

3 – Bookfunnel allows you to build your email list by integrating easily with all the common email marketing services ie Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and Active Campaign, and it does so in a GDPR-friendly away, allowing you to switch it on or off, depending on where in the world you’re marketing to.

4 – BookFunnel allows you to connect with your fans more closely by sending out ARCs – advanced reader copies – OR delivering content securely within Patreon, behind a paywall.

5 – Bookfunnel gives complete file control, with options to limit downloads, expire downloads by date, replace links if they get shared and making sure you get an email address BEFORE they get your book.

You can also have certified mail:

  • Watermarked EPUB and MOBI files
  • Accessible tech support just a “Reply” away
  • Automatic reminders emails and review instructions
  • Download reporting and follow-up emails

6 – Giving books as gifts …

Did you make a new author friend, or connect with a new reader? Then, why not gift them your book?!

With one click, you can send your book with a unique link just for them. All you need is their first name and email address, and off it goes!

7 – Direct Sales Fulfillment

With BookFunnel’s direct sales order fulfillment, we’ll send your buyer a private link to download the book as soon as they purchase. No need to worry about tech issues, as our support team is always ready to help you and your readers.

Every BookFunnel plan (yes, even our First-Time Author plan) includes this valuable ebook sales and delivery tool, complete with watermarked files.

Integrates with Paypal, Payhip, Selz, Shopify, Woocommerce

You can also make sales pages for your books, if you don’t know how to make websites – withs Books2Read links and individual store links.

8 – Printable Download Codes for Easy Ebook Delivery

Tired of lugging around your books to conferences and meetups? Say goodbye to all that bulk by delivering an ebook instead! BookFunnel’s printable download codes can be added to postcards, bookmarks, business cards, or whatever paper product you use to share your book. One code equals one, secure download. No muss, no fuss, and here’s why.

  • Set Download Terms for up to 5 years
  • Invite readers to join email list with download codes
  • One code=one download. No rogue links!
  • Watermarked EPUB and MOBI files
  • Deliver extras (worksheets, checklists, chapters) in a PDF
  • Use BookBrush to create nicely designed cards

9 – You can upload MP3 audio files and share them with readers!

Upload your audiobook sample and join a group promo, or send your mailing list subscribers the first 30 minutes of your upcoming release to boost preorder sales. Read the blog post.

10 – Facebook pixel tracking to build up audiences to market to – use in conjunction with giveaways


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