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10 Things You Need To Know About MailerLite

Find out more about MailerLite here:

1 – Free – 1-1000 subscribers and 12k emails per month. You get a more limited service but as your email list grows, the upgrade packages are cheaper than many other services.

Mailerlite is packed with features when you pay for it too, the cheapest package being 1-1000 emails paid, at $10 per month.

There’s a 30% discount if you pay annually.

I prefer MailerLite to mailchimp because it’s cheaper and MailerLite is newer to market so has a more graceful interface. MailChimp has become a Frankenstein’s monster over the year and needs a re-think, it’s very hard to find stuff on the site.

2 – Basic settings – everybody gets a simple-to-use email building interface and even free accounts get 5 x landing pages + 1 website. Why do you need a landing page? It saves you having to build a website – but you can even build a website if you want to. That’s a VERY good deal on free and $10 accounts!

3 –  Subscribers – MailerLite gives you excellent control over your subscribers – you can organise them into segments – which tend to be based on behaviour – and groups – which tend to be built on organisational criteria which suit you best.

I do like the Clean up inactive option which allows you to remove subscribers who haven’t opened an email for 6 months or more. 

4 – Campaigns – I LOVE Mailerlite’s campaign options … you can send out regular emails, A/B split testing emails and the BRILLIANT auto resend emails. This is a HUGE pain in Mailchimp – it was genius on the part of Mailerlite including this.

Regular email – either use the drag and drop options or just use the rich text editor to create a straightforward email.

A/B – You can test the FROM name, the email subject line and the email content.

Auto resend – resend email to people who didn’t open it the first time – you SHOULD do this! Didn’t open or click.

5 – Campaign based content … another genius idea!

I have 3 x lists – I can create a monthly update newsletter, then include a bespoke block which only sci-fi, NF and thriller readers can see. 

6 – Form creation … you can make pop-up forms, with a great selectin of ready-made marketing templates. 

This emulates a service called Thrive Themes very well, a 3rd party marketing tool which I pay for to do many of these jobs!

Set by time delay, scrolling on web page or exit intent – amazing and MUCH better than Mailchimp which gives you nowhere near the level of control!

You get embedded forms, pop-up forms and promotion forms.

7 – Automations – I LOVE MailerLite’s automations … and you should set these up for each of your lists. This is 24/7 automated email marketing. Email – delay – condition and action … think of it as onboarding or induction for subscribers. 

Mailerlite makes it simple and logical.

8 – Integrations/API – API integrations let you do cool stuff with MailerLite – it;s how I securely link to Thrive Themes, superb marketing tool. Links with Zapier, MailMunch, BookFunnel, Facebook, Prolific Works and many others. Simply put, it plays nicely with others 🙂

9 – Other things I like – everything can be saved as a template to save you repeating the same tasks time and time again. You can link your own domains with the websites and landing pages so you can’t tell that they’re hosted by Mailerlite – this alone saves you hosting costs (though not best long-term option!). 

You can upload securely files and images on MailerLite, your email get click maps so you can see exactly how readers are interacting with your emails, you can have multiple users on your account – so, for instance, a VA could get limited access, the billing is clear and regular and reliable and it has an affiliate scheme so you can make money by recommending it at no additional cost to your referrals.

10 – MailerLite offers several benefits for more advanced email senders – with a paid-for dedicated IP option which gives you more control over your sender reputation and therefore improves deliverability. That saves you setting up email on your own server and spares you being punished for the dodgy practices of others. You can also pay extra for unlimited landing pages and websites.

I love it because it’s innovative – it’s always moving forwards, not in a pointless way but in a way that constantly improves the service!

Find out more about MailerLite here:


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