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Paul Teague & Clare Sager

Clare Sager is a first-time fantasy author who released her debut – A Thief and a Gentlewoman – about three weeks prior to recording this podcast interview.

It's Clare's second time on the podcast but I wanted to catch up with her because she's had a great launch and managed to buck the trend experienced by the majority of new authors.

Typically, most of us release our book, sell to a few friends and family members, then it's tumbleweed from that point onward.

For Clare though, following the best advice from groups like 20BooksTo50k – she managed to hit triple figures in her first week, which is a huge achievement.

I wanted to find out how she did it so that I could share her best tips with other indie authors.

This Week's Interview:

Claire's First Interview:

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This Week's Talking Points

1) A link to Clare's blurb review spreadsheet – click here

2) Compensating for VAT when pricing books on Amazon:

3) KDP delivery costs:

4) To find out more about InstaFreebie, click here [My referral link]

5) To find out more about BookFunnel, click here

6) Mark Dawson's Self-Publishing formula:

7) Sell More Books Show:


This Week’s Self-Publishing News

This week's Alliance of Independent Authors news update:


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