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Jonathan de Montfort

This Week's Interview:

Jonathan de Montfort's self-publishing story is a little different to most.

He started his career as a hedge fund manager in London, working for companies such as Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, then leaving in 2013 to set up his own hedge fund company.

Jonathan is also a keen writer with an interest in literature and it's taken him four and half years to write his debut novel, ‘Turner’, a supernatural thriller, which was released in October 2018.

It is the first book to be published by De Montfort Literature, the company which Jonathan has set up to work with and develop authors who wish to pursue his new model of publishing.

This new way of supporting authors has proven to be quite controversial in the publishing world and we do discuss this during the interview.

Q&A from listeners following the interview

Some people have raised concerns over what IP means – particularly, does DML own an author’s characters and worlds?

The answer from Jonathan is ‘No', DML only owns plot lines and stories.

He gave this example:

if you had 3 ideas with us:

A study
The hound

And you wrote the first 2 then left to go to Bloomsbury, you could buy Reichen from us or you could write ‘Apres Reichen’ with the same characters and let us produce Reichen on your behalf.


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