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Episode 125: Jon Evans

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Jon EvansJon Evans is a UK indie author who always wanted to become a writer and there were many false starts and unfinished projects along the way.

The first three books in a space marine series about the adventures of the Royal Marine Space Commandos – Commando, Guerrilla and Ascendant – were co-written with his brother, James.

Jon has also written Thieftaker which is the first book in the Edrin Loft Mysteries.

Jon has experienced great success with Amazon ads to the extent that he and his brother are already generating a reliable, ongoing monthly income.

This Week's Interview:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Amazon author page:

4) Goodreads page:

5) Jon & James' business website:

6) Imaginary Brother on Facebook:

Check Out The Author's Books On Amazon

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This Week's Talking Points

1) Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman books:

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2) ReAct scheme in Wales:

3) Patrick Rothfuss books:

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4) Early Michael Anderle video:

5) Chris Fox books:
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6) CoverMint book cover design from Dan Van Oss:

7) StoryShop writing tool:

8) Tool used for creating flow diagrams:

9) Amazon ads: … I suggest reading up on this first!

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10) Bryan Cohen Best Page Forward page descriptions:

11) Kindle ads UK document:

12) KDP Rocket – recommended tool – check it out here [My affiliate link]

13) Podium audio book publishing:

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