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Tim LewisTim Lewis is a self-published author from London who, this year, made the change from writing fiction to non-fiction.

Previously he's written in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and to date has produced three books in the Timeshock series and two books in the ‘Magpies & Magic' series.

His first non-fiction title is called Social Media Networking: How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want, Find Love, Get Business Success and Boost Your Travel Experience.

Tim is also the host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast and having interviewed many guests about marketing best-practice, he put many of those lessons into action with his latest book launch.

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Episode 17, release date Monday 27th June, 2016

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1) ScheduleOnce scheduling tool:

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6) Tim's social media event:

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8) PublishDrive – my referral link here.

9) Kobo Writing Life (for authors):

10) How to use Vellum on a PC:

11) Vellum software:

12) Scrivener software:

13) Creating box sets in Vellum:

14) Tim's podcast episode talking about his book launch:


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