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Edwin DownwardEdwin Downward is a Canadian writer who describes himself as a ‘writer of Science Fiction Adventures'.

His debut novel is called ‘Synergy of Hopes' and it was published in 2015.

The second novel – ‘Into The Crucible' – was published earlier this year.

Edwin has also written ‘One's World' which is a teaser into his science fiction Worlds Together Universe.

We've been exchanging messages for some years now on social media, so I thought it high time that we got together on the podcast to discuss sci-fi and self-publishing.

This Week's Interview:

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This Week's Talking Points

1) The Book Speaks Podcast:

2) Pinterest:

3) Edwin's book pitch:

4) Funny robots in 70s Buck Rogers:

5) A taste of the original Battlestar Galactica

6) The Smash robots – a bit like the 70s cylons?

7) Pumpkin canning!

8) The Creative Ink Festival:

9) VCON:


This Week’s Self-Publishing News

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