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Gary CollinsGary Collins has a very interesting and unique background that includes military intelligence, Special Agent for the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

His background and expert knowledge brings a much-needed perspective to today's areas of simple living, health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, self-help and being more self-reliant.

He holds an AS degree in Exercise Science, BS in Criminal Justice, and MS in Forensic Science.

In addition to being a best selling author, he has taught at the University College level, consulted and trained college level athletes, and been interviewed for his expertise on various subjects by CBS Sports, Coast to Coast AM, The RT Network, and FOX News to name a few.

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    3 replies to "Episode 133: Gary Collins"

    • Steve Jones

      Love this episode Paul – and, Gary, I went and purchased a copy of your RV book before I got to the end of the episode! Finally, someone’s interviewed a writer living nomadically from an RV who’s demonstrating that a great way to answer ‘can I make a living from my writing’ is to minimise your costs!
      I’m a newby writer of natural history and popular science living in a Berlingo (yup!) in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. It’s a wonderful way to live…. Because my costs are so low (around £15 per day all in, inc. van costs), my mind is free of financial stresses and I have a huge amount of time for writing. As I say, I’m a newby, so I’m not yet sure if I can earn £15 per day from book sales and thus live long-term. I currently have a cushion of savings. But I have a long list of around 50 book ideas and can easily write around 5,000 words a day so should have a few books out quite soon.
      Anyway, we need to hear more from nomadic authors!

      • Paul Teague

        Hi Steve, I love your story! Thanks for your comments on this episode too, much appreciated! Would you send me a photo of how you live so I can share it and give you a shout-out when I get back from Spain? Have a great Christmas, Paul

      • Gary Collins

        Hey Steve,

        Thanks for the kind words and buying my Guide To RV Living book. The nomadic life is so much fun, and I have been doing for many years, so at times I forget I live a different life than most. Living in an RV, or in your case a van makes you really narrow down the items that are important in your life.

        You are dead on about having so much more fee time, and far less stress. I would ask if you are a struggling or just starting out writer why would you not live the decluttered nomadic life? Today you have all the tools to self-publish, and/or run a business remotely. Good on ya Steve keep it up, and wish you great success in your writing journey 🙂

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