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Adam NichollsRegular listeners will know I've wanted to re-interview Adam Nicholls for some months now.

We first spoke in January 2017 when Adam was struggling to sell his thrillers in any volume and had just released a series of fantasy novels.

We met in person at 20Books London in 2018 then – the next thing I knew – Adam was posting in the 20Books Facebook group, explaining how he'd earned tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of months by re-releasing his revamped thrillers.

In fact, last year was such a success for Adam that he became a 6-figure author … and that's in pounds, not dollars.

With rapid release being such a hot topic at the moment, and with my own author career having so much in common with Adam's, I've been dying to get him in front of a microphone and find out the secrets to his success.

Adam's first interview – Episode 45, release date Monday 9th January, 2017

With Adam & Charlotte at 20BooksLondon
With Adam & Charlotte at 20BooksLondon in 2018

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