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Episode 138: Jerry Evanoff

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Jerry Evanoff

Jerry Evanoff is the US-based first-time sci-fi author of Forgetting Tomorrow, book 1 in the Nightmares Through Time series.

He is also the presenter of the New Author Podcast which he set up in October 2018 to chart his journey to publication.

Jerry is a regular attendee at 20Books events, having been at both Las Vegas get-togethers and flying to the UK for 20BooksLondon last year.

I was keen to catch up with Jerry just before the launch of his first book and ahead of getting to meet him in person for the first time at 20BooksEdinburgh – his fourth 20Books event.

Find Out More:

1) Jerry’s website:

2) Follow Jerry on Twitter:

3) Jerry’s podcast on Apple:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Jerry’s podcast studio and book planning board:

2) Meg Jolly cover design: [Not accepting new clients at the time of publication]

3) 20Books Facebook group: [You’ll need to be logged into Facebook to access]

4) Lindsay’s blog:

5) Lindsay’s Instagram account:

6) Lindsay’s Facebook page:

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