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Episode 15: KS Turner

KS Turner

Kate-Sarah Turner, is a UK based author who writes as KS Turner.

Her debut novel, Before the Gods, was the first from the epic fantasy trilogy, The Chronicles of Fate and Choice.

Book Two – Tumultus – is also available with the final story – Time – currently in progress.

Kate originally trained as a designer and illustrator and when she isn't writing, likes to draw, paint, sculpt, study maths, theology and philosophy and play music, among many other things!

Kate is doing some really interesting things in self-publishing, including setting up her own independent publishing company.

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Episode 15, release date Monday 13th June, 2016

How To Use Vellum On A PC

Paul’s Podcast Diary

1) Crime Story 2016:

2) Book Funnel:

3) Mark Dawson's Self-Publishing Formula podcast: [Recommended!]

This week's word counts for ‘Don't Tell Meg' was 12,408 words. That's a lot! It's a bit excessive, but I'm gripped by the story 🙂 Here's the proof from my Scrivener stats:

Don't Tell Meg word count

Scrivener word count

4) The Self-Publishing Podcast: (Recommended)

5) Borderlines Carlisle Book Festival 2016:

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors June 10th 2016 news update:

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