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Episode 16: Philippa Donovan

Philippa Donovan

Philippa Donovan is an editor who established her business – Smart Quill – in 2011.

Since then she has worked with around 300 authors and recommends to a stable of 50 literary agents based in the UK, Australia, and the US.

In 2014 she was named Publishing Rising Star and is Editorial Consultant for the Authors' Club at Soho House West Hollywood.

Particularly exciting is Philippa's recent move to LA will herald great opportunities for authors; connecting up selected manuscripts with literary agents, film and TV producers via an online platform, The Smart Quill Boutique.

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Episode 16, release date Monday 20th June, 2016

How To Use Vellum On A PC

Paul’s Podcast Diary

1) This week's word count was 12,600, which I'm delighted to have achieved as lots of things have conspired to stop me writing this week:

19th June word count2) Next Generation Indie Book Awards: (I'm in the YA section)

Book award stickers

3) My new sales pages, finally approved by Clickbank:

4) Winchester Writers' Festival:

5) The Secret Bunker in Fife, UK, the inspiration for my Secret Bunker Trilogy:

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors June 17th 2016 news update:

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