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Episode 20: Leila Dewji

Leila DewjiHaving worked as a journalist, in a large international publishing company and at a prestigious literary agency, Leila Dewji has accrued a lot of experience in the publishing industry.

However, she is now bringing all of that knowledge to the world of self-publishing, having set up the both Acorn Independent Press and I_AM Self-Publishing with her brother, Ali.

Acorn was launched in 2010 and offers a bespoke consultancy for self-publishing projects for authors, agents and media companies who have special/complicated projects.

Whereas I_AM self-Publishing was launched in 2015 offering good-value off-the-shelf self-publishing services and marketing tools to authors.

Find Out More:

I_AM Self-Publishing





Episode 20, release date Monday 18th July, 2016

How To Use Vellum On A PC

Paul’s Podcast Diary

1) Getting Away With Murder event in Cumbria  – how to write a compelling crime novel:

Course runs 31st October – 4th November, early-bird ticketing until 31st July.

2) Recent purchase – Save The Cat! I've heard so many people recommend this book and I can't find it on Audible, so I decided to buy it 🙂

Save The Cat!

3) The Murder Place, my second thriller, is now up to 21k+ first-draft words:

The Murder Place 15th July

Don't Tell Meg has now been edited and sent to my copy editor and proof-reader, Helen Fazal.

Helen has the book until end August, or thereabouts.

You can find out more about Helen's work here:

4) Guests coming soon to this podcast:

Molly Looby: [YA & hybrid publishing]

Ashley Lister: [Erotic fiction]

Janet Murray: [PR & writing a book in 30 days]

Maggie James: [Psychological thrillers]

Peter O'Connor: [Book cover designer]

Griselda Heppel: [Adapts Classics for children]

5) The Author School: [Recommended!]

6) Join The Alliance of Independent Authors: [Affiliate link]

7) Grammarly: [Affiliate link]

Recommended Online Event [9th-11th September 2016]

The Festival of Writing is held every year.

This year it’s at at the University of York, in September.

It’s not a self-publishing event, but as a self-published author, I got immense value from this event last year.

I will be attending all weekend this year, I hope to see you there!

More information here:

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update for Friday 15th July 2016:

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