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Episode 24: Molly Looby

Molly Looby

Molly Looby is the author of ZA and many other unpublished works that haven't yet seen the light of day.

She self-published the Immorality of Immortality trilogy between 2011-2015 and that series is made up of Playing with Reality, Gambling a Fairytale, and Chancing the Truth.

Molly lives in Essex in the UK and spends almost all of her time hunkered down at the desk under her stairs which is currently sufficing as her study.

Her writing achievements include a stunning 315,000+ total NaNoWriMo word count, achieved over five years of taking part in the annual event.

She has also launched her own company, Molten Publishing, which is hybrid publisher – somewhere between indie and self-publishing- and they specialise in YA fiction.

Find Out More:

Molly's website:

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Molly Looby on Facebook:

Molly's Amazon author page:

Molly featured in Essex Chronicle:

Talking points:

Molly's Movellas profile: print-on-demand company used by Molly:

CK Creative: [Created Molly's cover for ZA]

Molly's interview on Phoenix98fm:

NaNoWriMo: [Recommended! A great way to write your first novel]

Molten Publishing, Molly's hybrid publishing company:, with the fabulous logo below:

Molten Publishing logo

Episode 24, release date Monday 15th August, 2016

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