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Episode 25: Ashley Lister

Ashley ListerAshley Lister is a prolific writer of erotic fiction, having written more than two dozen full length erotic novels and over a hundred short stories.

Aside from regularly blogging about writing erotica, Ashley also teaches creative writing.

He has hosted a creative writing workshop at Eroticon, the annual conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers and presents a weekly internet radio show for poets on Fylde Coast Community Radio.

Ashley has written under several pseudonyms, he has co-written books and has appeared in numerous anthologies.

He is the author of the book How to Write Erotic Fiction and has just published his first horror novel, Raven and Skull.

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Ashley's website:

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The Self Publishing Conference: [Recommended event]

Download the Sexy Words presentation by Ashley: [There are many other great, free resources on this page too!]

How To Write Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes by Ashley Lister:

Episode 25, release date Monday 22nd August, 2016

Explicit content

A quick pre-podcast warning about the content in this week's show.

We are going to be discussing the writing of erotic fiction, so we will be using several words of a sexual nature.

We'll also be making references to pornography and the depiction of sexual scenes.

There's nothing rude or offensive in there, it's a sensible discussion about the topic from an author's point of view.

However, if you are easily offended, please skip this episode and join us again next week if you think that this one might offend you.

Coming up then – a discussion about writing sex scenes in fiction and erotic fiction.

If you're happy to proceed, enjoy the show!

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