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Episode 26: Peter O’Connor

Create Your Own eBook Cover

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Peter and Caroline O'Connor

Peter O'Connor is the book cover designer who created all three covers for my Secret Bunker Trilogy.

Peter runs his business via the website alongside his wife, Caroline.

If you go to look at the website I don't think that I've ever seen such a compelling collection of audio testimonials praising Peter's work and support through the design process.

I've experienced it first hand, and indeed left Peter a testimonial myself, so I was very happy to get the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes when a new cover is created.

In this interview, Peter discusses the factors which help to create a fabulous book cover and advises on the things to do if you want to avoid some common mistakes with book covers.

Find Out More: 

Peter's website:

Bespoke Book Covers on Twitter:

These are the covers that Peter created for The Secret Bunker

Covers for The Secret Bunker

Talking points:

Peter's list of things to avoid when sorting out your book cover:

Don't try to show a scene from your story, try to create a feel for the entire book

Don't fixate on having your book title at the top of the cover

Don't delay your book launch – get the best cover that you can, then get it published

Don't ask friends and family for their opinions, get professional advice and let the buyers on Amazon be the best judge

Don't leave your cover design until the last moment, give the designer plenty of time to work on it.

Episode 26, release date Monday 29th August, 2016

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