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Episode 30: Ian Sutherland

Ian Sutherland

Ian Sutherland is the crime fiction author of the Brody Taylor Thriller Series, novels that expose the darker side of the online world to dramatic and suspenseful effect.

Exploiting knowledge gained from his career in the IT industry, Ian’s thrillers caution readers on how dangerous the internet can be for the unwary.

Ian also takes advantage of his experience in technology in the way he uses social media to help drive awareness of his books.

With over 100,000 followers on one of his Twitter accounts, and still growing, Ian has figured out how to make Twitter power his book marketing strategies.

Ian shares many of his techniques in Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, his first non-fiction book.

Episode 30, release date Monday 26th September, 2016

Find Out More:

Ian's website:

Follow Ian on Twitter:

Ian Sutherland on Facebook:

Ian's Amazon Author page:

Ian's article on the ALLi website:

Ian's Twitter videos:

Talking points:

Audiobook Reviewer:

AudioBook Boom: [Promote your audiobooks and get reviews]

Advanced Twitter Strategies For Authors:

Customise your book page designs:

Thrive Themes: [Affiliate link] Thrive themes is for the more advanced WordPress user and is an excellent alternative to LeadPages, which tends to get a bit pricey! This sales page is made with Thrive Themes:

OptimizePress: [Affiliate link] I have used this plugin for many years now, all of my websites use it and I deploy it on some sales pages too:

Stuart Bache's website: [Stuart designs Ian's covers]

Ian's previous covers were designed by Peter O' Connor, a past guest on this podcast:

ConvertKit for more advanced Email Marketing:

Mailchimp – great for email marketing beginners:

I use GetResponse: [Affiliate link]

Buffer – for social media automation:

Hootsuite – for social media management:

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): [Affiliate link]

Createspace: [For print on demand books]

Ian's video made with Ingram Spark:

How To Use Vellum On A PC

Paul's Podcast Diary

1) The thrill of finding this podcast via Netflix!

2) Here is the first trial podcast I ever recorded!

This was a very early test in 2011/2012 – I'm amazed that the audio still works!

3) That Einstein quote is “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

4) Frankfurt Indie Author Fringe 2016:

5) ProWriting Aid (for editing): [I use the paid-for version]

6) My WordPress For Authors In One Hour: [Webinar is scheduled for 25th Sept 2016]

7) My appearance at the Borderlines Festival:

8) Forthcoming guest – Andrew Bromley from Ingram Spark:

9) Intuit Self-Employed software:

10) Facebook lead ad results:

157 leads for £218.15 = £1.38 per lead

Skewed by two campaigns that DIDN’T work … costs of those leads was WAY too high

Removing skewed results, £161.03 for 144 leads for successful campaigns = £1.11 per lead … still too expensive

This is my box set ‘upsell' page – I use this with lead cards to try and squeeze a bigger sale out of the arrangement:

11) Recording my ALLi presentation this week:

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How To Use Vellum On A PC

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update for Friday 23rd September:

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