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Andy Bromley

If you want to get your books ordered by traditional bookshops and libraries, then you need an alternative solution to publishing via Amazon's Createspace.

It's all to do with the ISBN numbers and the distribution channels, and it's a topic that confuses and trips up new indie authors time after time.

Put simply, you need to use a service like IngramSpark – in conjunction with Nielson for your ISBNs – to access the traditional distribution channels.

As the Marketing Manager at Ingram Content Group, Andrew Bromley is familiar with every question that indie authors could possibly ask about printing on-demand with the company.

Episode 39, release date Monday 28th November, 2016

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The Alliance of Independent Authors news update for Tuesday 29th November 2016 : [Note: As ALLi has changed its news publishing schedule, this link will also appear in next week's show notes to accommodate the new publishing cycle.]

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