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Episode 48: Pip Reid

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Pip ReidEpisode 48, release date Monday 30th January, 2017

Pip Reid is the co-founder of Bible Pathway Adventures a childrens’ author and an app creator.

She is based in New Zealand and will be more familiar to readers as Pip Dumbill which is the author name that has appeared on books prior to her recent marriage.

Pip writes adventures that help bring the Bible to life for parents and children and has a strong desire to create tools that help children understand the true foundation of their faith.

She completed a diploma in Writing for Children before embarking on her writing career.

Find Out More:

Follow Pip on Twitter:

The Bible Pathway Adventures website:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Amazon:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Facebook:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Pinterest: [Highly recommended that you check out Pip’s use of Pinterest as an author]

Bible Pathway Adventures on YouTube:

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Talking points:

1) Upwork (for finding international freelancers):

2) An example of the illustrations in the Bible Pathway Adventures series:

3) Patreon (for encouraging support from your fans):

4) Kickstarter (for crowd funding):

5) Fiverr (for very small, outsourced jobs): [My affiliate link]

6) Scrivener (recommended writing tool): [My affiliate link]

7) Kindle Kids’ Book Creator:

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