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Episode 5: Helen Lewis

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Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis set up Literally PR which specialises in ‘creative, innovative and cost-effective PR solutions’ for authors.

Not only is she a public relations expert, Helen  also runs The Author School, a training initiative for all authors to get them ‘from manuscript to book launch’.

One of the first disappointments that newly self-published authors experience is in finally publishing their book, then finding that nobody buys it.

There’s often a feeling that the biggest hurdle is in writing and publishing a book – but the real work begins after that, when it’s time to start making some sales.

That’s where Helen comes in!

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Helen’s Literally PR website:

The Author School: [Let me know if you’re going on 11th April 2016, I’ll see you there!]


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Episode 5, release date Monday 4th April, 2016

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  • Great podcast again.
    Will be looking into literally pr with a view to using them in future.

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