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Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is the Group Marketing Manager at Troubador Publishing.

That means Sarah works with Matador, which is the company's self-publishing imprint and The Book Guild, which is their mainstream and partnership publishing company.

Sarah is a great person to speak to on the podcast because she's very involved with the company's Self-Publishing Conference (this year’s is on Saturday 7th May) and their Self-Publishing Experience Days.

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Q&A Interview: Sarah Taylor:




Interview Talking Points:

Polly Courtney:

The Self-Publishing Conference: [Please let me know if you're attending, I'll see you there in 2016!]

Self-Publishing Experience Days:

Self-Publishing Magazine: [Now online]

Episode 7, release date Monday 18th April, 2016


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    2 replies to "Episode 7: Sarah Taylor"

    • David J Robertson

      Enjoyed the podcast, Paul – useful info in there. Missed the first 6, I’ll have to go back and catch up!
      May bump into you at the conference (if everyone has a name tag!) If not, I’ll be the one in the DOGNAPPED! tee shirt.

      • Paul Teague

        Hi David, thank you very much for being the inaugural commenter on the new podcast site 🙂

        Come up and say ‘hello’ at the conference if I don’t spot you first, very interested to hear what you’re doing with your childrens books and sci-fi/fantasy.

        See you in May!

        Best wishes, Paul

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