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Meg Cowley

Meg Cowley was first interviewed in episode 3 of this podcast, in April 2016.

At that time Meg was experiencing her biggest success in self-publishing having created a series of adult colouring books which were selling very well.

However, the bottom dropped out of that market and Meg had to so a very sharp pivot to set her writing career back on track.

Prior to the breakthrough with the adult colouring books, Meg had written two young-adult ‘sword and sorcery' novels and two illustrated children's books.

She's now returned to writing fiction but is still using her artistic skills to generate an author income.

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Amazon Author Page:




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Interview Talking Points:

1) Me and Meg in Manchester when we attended Amazon Academy:

Meg Cowley & Paul Teague

2) Meg's creative roadmap (Jan-April):

3) Meg's 2017 creative roadmap

4) Meg's reflection on 2016

5) Meg's blog post on quitting her day-job:

6) Meg's 2 year milestone

7) Meg's 2017 Creative Roadmap: April – June Progress:

8) Michael Anderle:

Also see 20BooksTo50k [Highly recommended!]

Here are details of the London event:


9) MailerLite: [Recommended email marketing tool – my affiliate link]

10) Meg's book cover creation service:

Meg's original interview, release date Monday 4th April, 2016


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The Alliance of Independent Authors news update:

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