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Amelia HayEpisode 83, release date Monday 2nd October, 2017

Amelia Hay is the author of the soon to be published, James Lalonde thriller Novels, a seven novel series.

When she's not writing thrillers, Amelia loves to travel and coach aspiring writers.

She helps authors to write, brand, and market their books so they can, create their dream business, build their author platform, and be creatively independent.

As a teenager, Amelia dreamed of being a writer but, but made one mistake – she listened to the never-ending brigade of negative voices around her who all said the same thing ‘you can’t make money writing.’

In 2011, she started taking her writing seriously, studying the craft of storytelling through screenwriting – then turned to writing fiction novels and independent publishing because she wanted people to read her work instead of it sitting in an archive somewhere waiting many years to be made into a film.

Find Out More:

1) Amelia's writing website:

2) Amelia's Facebook page

3) Amelia's Twitter feed

4) Amelia's Google+ profile

4) Amelia's Amazon author page for non-fiction

5) Amelia's life & business coach website

6) Amelia's Be Motivated Podcast

7) Follow Amelia on Instagram

8) A Week in the Life of a Writer | How to Self Edit a Novel + The Business of Writing:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Save the Cat books – highly recommended!

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2) Amelia's great Mailchimp tip – tag your subscribers based on where they signed up to your email marketing list:


Check out Mailchimp at

I recommend MailerLite: [My affiliate link]

3) The Divi WordPress theme:

Details of the forthcoming changes to WordPress:

4) Joanna Penn's blog [highly recommended!] is at

Joanna's YouTube channel:

5) Mark Dawson's Self-Publishing 101 course:

Mark's cover designer is Stuart Bache:

6) Amelia's recommended learning channels …

Self-Publishing Podcast:

Self-Publishing formula:

Olivia Charlet:

Marie Forleo:

Clark Chamberlain's YouTube channel:


This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors April 1st 2016 news update:

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