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Episode 94: Dan Van Oss

Dan Van OssEpisode 94, release date Monday 18th December, 2017

Dan Van Oss is a book cover designer and self-published author.

He started writing during college, where he also penned a weekly column in the school paper under the pseudonym “Fletcher Ford”.

Dan’s had pieces published on, won 2nd place in the Mona Schreiber Prize for Humorous Fiction and Nonfiction, was a semi-finalist in the writing contest.

He was also given an honorable mention in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition for Humor.

You can catch his weekly humor column, the “Dubious Knowledge Institute,” at

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Dan featured on Book Reader Magazine:

6) Goodreads:

7) See Dan on CoverMint (book cover designs):

8) Dan's sweet romance website:

The romance structure book I mentioned called “Romancing the Story” by Gwen Hayes:

9) Here is the cover that Dan designed for me:

Interview Talking Points:

1) The romance structure book I mentioned called “Romancing the Story” by Gwen Hayes:

2) The “Stories To Go” project website:

3) Find out more about Dragon Dictation:

4) The Self Publishing Podcast:

5) Authors XP book promotion website: [My affiliate link]

6) Ryan Zee author promotion site:

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