I have never made any attempt to hide my love of The Novel Factory Software.

I took the 7-day free trial and didn't even bother waiting until the end of the week to upgrade.

I saw it, loved it and now use it for every book that I write.

I have just completed a marathon writing stint, producing 3 x 90k word thrillers over a period of six months.

Each book was mapped out with The Novel Factory software and I wouldn't be without it now.

I have recorded a video tour to illustrate how I used the Novel Factory software when I wrote my thrillers.

Although I don't use all of the features of the software, I would not now write a book without the features that I do use.

So, if you're thinking of using the software, take a look at the video and discover just how useful The Novel Factory can be.

Planning Your Novel

I use the planning area of The Novel Factory to plot out the key events in my books.

Although these may change as the work progresses, it provides a sound road map for me throughout the writing process.


Character Profiles

I love creating character profiles in The Novel Factory.

I like to cast my book with actors and famous people – occasionally I'll scan in a picture from a magazine or brochure.

It really helps me to picture my characters and make them come alive on the page.


Story Locations

This feature is a great writing tool.

I use it to help me visualise my book locations and it helps me to stay consistent when describing these places.


Notes And Resources

I use the notes and resources areas to capture all the web links that I use to check out facts and information for each book.


In my first trilogy I didn't keep a record of my research.

That was a mistake, as I wanted to double-check facts when it came to revising.

With The Novel Factory everything is safely tucked away for future reference.


So that's it, my rapid tour of my favourite plotting software, The Novel Factory.

Do take the 7-day trial out for a spin, and see for yourself how useful it is https://www.novel-software.com/freetrial

Here's the official Novel Factory video:

And if you're using another tool that helps you to get the writing done, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear about it!

Also, check out this article on Scrivener, the software that I use to get the writing done: https://www.paulteague.com/why-scrivener-is-an-essential-writing-tool-for-all-authors/

Please note: This article includes my affiliate link for the software.

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