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How to Write a Book in 17 Days – Season 5, Bonus Episode for Saturday 25th February 2023.

Show notes for this week's episode …

Please note: Word counts are approximate and may vary from those recorded in the writing diaries – this is due to discrepancies between Scrivener and Word word counts and alterations/corrections that I may have made after recording. It took me 17 x days to write a first draft. Prior to publication,  I will edit the book, my wife will edit the book, it will go to a professional editor, then I will check it again and, finally, it will go to a group of 20 x ARC readers who will check it again. I will then give it a final read before I publish.

The book is being edited by Claire Cronshaw at

Day 1: Weds 11th January [Final chapter of book] 1727 words

Day 2: Fri 13th January [Final chapter of book – 1970s storyline & First chapter of book] 3991 words

Day 3: Mon 16th January 4910 words

Day 4: Tues 17th January 4404 words

Day 5: Weds 18th January 4989 words

Day 6: Mon 23rd January 5227 words

Day 7: Tues 24th January 4737 words

Day 8: Weds 25th January 5069 words

Day 9: Sat 28th January [Author Notes] 1438 words

Day 10: Mon 30th January 5094 words

Day 11: Tues 31st January 4909 words

Day 12: Weds 1st February 4614 words

Day 13: Mon 6th February 4775 words

Day 14: Tues 7th February 4570 words

Day 15: Weds 8th February 4728 words

[Interrupted by a holiday in Spain]

Day 16: Mon 20th February 4862 words

Day 17: Tues 21st February 4728 words


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