My parkrun Journey

Here are my 2018-2019 parkrun times.

My target is to run 5k below 30 minutes by 23rd March 2020, when I'm 55.

I also want my weight down to 10st 6lbs, from just over 12st.

I'm doing this because I want to maintain a habit of fitness as I get older.

That idea came from the same friend after he recommended that I read this book in 2012:

I also have four informal goals:

  1. To run my 10th Parkrun on my 54th birthday at the end of March 2019 [Achieved]
  2. To run my 55th Parkrun on my 55th birthday at the end of March 2020 [I will do this at Bushy Park, where parkrun began, with the friend who got me into parkrun :-)]
  3. To have volunteered 25 times by my 55th birthday at the end of March 2020
  4. To have run at 10 different parkruns by my 55th birthday at the end of March 2020, with Bushy Park being the 10th.

I post parkrun pix at Instagram at:

parkrun Timings

1 – 6th October 2018:

2 – 3rd November 2018:

3 – 8th December 2018:

4 – 15th December 2018:

5- 26th January 2019:

My 5th Parkrun

6 – 2nd February 2019:

7 – 9th February 2019:

8 – 16th February 2019:

9 – 16th March 2019:

10th Parkrun

My 10th #parkrun this morning, beautiful weather and a personal best of 00:35:18 to celebrate my 54th birthday – aiming for sub 30 mins by the time I'm 55 🙂

10 – 23rd March 2019 [Birthday run!]:

Birthday weight recording - 23rd March 2019, aiming to be 10:6 by 23rd March 2020.

Birthday weight recording – 23rd March 2019, aiming to be 10:6 by 23rd March 2020.

11 – 30th March 2019 [Market Rasen race course]:

12 – 6th April 2019:

13 – 13th April 2019:

14 – 20th April 2019:

15 – 27th April 2019:

16 – 4th May 2019:

Parkrun volunteer

17 – 11th May 2019:


18 – 18th May 2019:

19 – 25th May 2019:

Morecambe Promenade parkrun June 2019

20 – 1st June 2019 [Morecambe Promenade]:

Note: Beat sub 30 mins target time for first time 🙂

Tip: I stayed at Westleigh, 9 Marine Road West, Morecambe, LA3 1BS for my parkrun there, booking via [Note: This is my referral link]

It's directly opposite the start of the race and the perfect location if you're visiting as a parkrun tourist.

8th June 2019 [No run this week, I volunteered as a marshal!]

As I didn't complete a parkrun this week, I attended a local weekly running group on Thursday to run 5k there – I liked it so much I will also do this every week that I am available over summer.

parkrun marshall

21 – 15th June 2019 [Crichton parkrun in Dumfries]:

A second sub-30 minute time of 29:49

Crichton, Dumfries parkrun June 2019

22 – 22nd June 2019 [Ayr parkrun]:

Tip: While we were in Alloway – where the parkrun in based – we stayed in an AirBnB apartment which is perfectly located. [Note: This is my referral link]

It's just a 5 minute walk from the parkrun location, if you're doing some parkrun tourism.

Just do an AirBnB search for Brig O Doon apartment, South Ayrshire.

23 – 29th June 2019:

24 – 6th July 2019:

25 – 13th July 2019:




55 – 21st March 2020: Bushy Park parkrun

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