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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Monday 8th August 2016.

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

If I ever miss something out, or you'd like more information, just drop me an email at

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Paul’s Podcast Diary

1) The Murder Place – writing progress:

I'm two-thirds of the way through the book now, and just finished on a big cliff-hanger.

I got another 10k words written this week, my early morning activity is working out really well at the moment.

I'm writing from 6am-9am, before the family get up – this is summer holiday mode 🙂

August 3rd word count

2) Forthcoming podcast guest:

I interviewed Jennifer Blanchard this week, her episode will be released on Monday 19th September.

Her article in The Huffington Post has made me wonder if I should set an audacious goal before Christmas!

See the article at:

I'm thinking about scheduling in 10 x 10k word non-fiction title before Christmas.

This is in addition to being committed already to writing 90k words of Thriller 3 in Sept/Oct and a 50k word novella in November, which is NaNoWriMo month.

Four of those books would be reworked versions of my WordPress/Email Marketing/Facebook/Twitter guides, but six of them would be new and original.

I'll think about it on holiday, have a cooling off period, then go for it if I'm still as keen after my break 🙂

Listen to a teaser clip from Jennifer's episode here:

3) Great new resource:

This is from Draft2Digital where I list my fiction titles:

It's an amazing service and allows you to send out just one link to buyers, they can then make a purchase at the store of their choice.

I'm not sure if it fully replaces service like, which are geo-location sensitive.

That's a good thing because when using Amazon links, it takes the customer to their country's correct Amazon store.

Do take it out for a whirl though, I will certainly be using this service.

Books2Read interface


This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors August 5th 2016 news update:

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