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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Saturday 3rd August, 2019.

Coming up this week:

  • All the gossip from 20BooksEdinburgh
  • It's back to writing book number 21 and my skivitis is now cured (for now!)
  • I'll let you know if my latest BookBub submission was successful
  • My new thriller covers are in and they’re looking GREAT!

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

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This Week's Talking Points

1) My rapid release expenditure:

£3100 edits [x 6 books]

£2635 covers [x 9 covers]

£1100 promos [initial budget]

Total = £6835

2) My new thriller covers:

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”8″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]3) Reader Links, as recommended at 20BooksEdinburgh:

4) FocusMe app:

5) Dan Wilcox podcast:

6) Jon & James Evans, my military sci-fi collaborators:

Jon Evans, Paul Teague & James Evans

7) BookSweeps promo materials:

BookSweeps promo

BookSweeps promo


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    5 replies to "Paul’s Podcast Diary 164 (Saturday 3rd August, 2019)"

    • Bill Cokas

      I forgot to ask: do you have a formula you’re using to determine your rapid-release marketing budget? Or are you just trying to amass as much as possible? Is there a number you’d deem “too little to bother?” Conversely, is there a cap? If someone dropped 20K on your doorstep, would you say, “that’s too much–I’ll never earn it back?”

      • Paul Teague

        Hi Bill, I don’t have a strategy, it’s mainly determined by available cash. However what strategy I have requires me promoting each book via Amazon ads, Facebook ads and BookBub ads (£5 for each per day) and at least 3 x promos via smaller email sites like BargainBooksy, RobinReads, BKKnights etc. If you listen to my interview with Adam Nicholls, he felt that sending traffic to his Amazon pages – even without sales – was pivotal in Amazon picking him up and promoting him. My ideal budget would be £200-£250, that feels about right to me.

    • Bill

      Those new covers are phenomenal, Paul! What an impressive-looking series! Ready-made for whale readers:) Hope they take you to a whole new level.

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