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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Saturday 4th January 2020.

This episode covers my Q1/2020 preview as well as ‘catch-up- diaries for w/e 14th December 2019 & 21st December 2019.

Coming up this week:

  • I'll be revealing my Q1 goals and letting you know what I've got planned for 2020
  • I have another two ‘catch-up' diaries for you, recorded while this podcast was on hiatus
  • I'll be giving you another important update on the future of this podcast and revealing some BIG news which I've been keeping under wraps

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

If you're new to the podcast and want to easily access the back catalogue of podcast diaries, in chronological order, please check out this page.

If I ever miss something out, or you'd like more information, just drop me an email at

This Week's Talking Points

w/e 28th December 2019

1) One of my favourite writing tools – the Novel Factory – available in the could at

2) New reading for 2020:

Writing books

3) SFA 017 – Selling Ebooks Direct, Growing Your Newsletter with Bonus Content, and Benefits of In-Person Events with Damon Courtney from Bookfunnel. Listen here.

4) J. Thorn podcasts – New Writers Ink at and The Career Authors podcast at

5) Pip Reid's Canada picture:

Pip Reid's view in Canada

6) I sell in 110 countries via Kobo:

Kobo map

7) Craft books that I have just purchased [my affiliate links]:

8) James P. Sumner on Self-Publishing Spotlight … from full-time author back to full-time work! Former guest on this show:

w/e 4th January 2020

1) Heinlein's rules of writing:

2) The Career Author podcast – BookBub Breakdown:

3) Three years of word counts recorded in calendars, with 2020 purchased today. I totted up my word count for 2019 and it comes to 507,690:


4) Julie Cordiner's editing services (don't be put-off by the domain name!):

5) 6 Figure Authors podcast with Dean Wesley Smith:

6) Elizabeth Mackey book covers:

7) Christian Kallias promo email for my military sci-fi series:

8) Atomic Habits book:

9) New Author Podcast:

My Q1/2020 goals:

Q1 2020 goals

The books I'll be reading this quarter:

Q1 reading


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