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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 8 for Saturday 4th March 2023.

Show notes for this week's episode …

1) Curtis Brown, plan your novel in 10 steps:

2) Matthew J. Holmes gave a single link to his back catalogue of emails:

3) ALLi indie author earnings survey:

4) How to scale your ads – Nicholas Erik: [Note: video may have been taken down!]

5) Lastpass security breach update:

Also, see

6) An inside look into how murders are investigated – replay link at UK-centric, presentation by S of A

7) Piwick website analytics:

8) Publishwide book sales reporting:

9) Great PublishDrive newsletter this month – I’ve shared 3 x more articles – two for beginners, one very useful for everybody who lists wide.

10) Amazon petition:

11) Documentary on Hull's Headscarf Heroes:


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