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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 18 for Saturday 13th May 2023.

Show notes for this week's episode …

1) My graphics have arrived!

Taken on Trust book cover

Her Last Cry book cover The Fifth Girl book cover

The 3D versions were made using

The covers were designed by Elizabeth Mackey at

The 3D boxsets were created by

2) Tech services I'm using:

3) Google Analytics alternative:

4) Beta readers vs ARC readers

5) 7 x KDP tips

6) Writing a page-turner

7) How to write a best seller

8) Three Key Elements of Crime fiction

9) Suspense Writing: 5 Top Tips

10) Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Holding Back

11) Business Musings: Go Wide or Run Away or Amazon Fail by Kristine Kathryn Rusch [First heard on Joanna Penn’s podcast]


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