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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 25 for Saturday 1st July 2023.

1) Storm book deal announcement:

Storm Books:

2) Dan Soule's guide to author collaboration:

3) Promo stacks arrive at Written word Media:

4) D2D now distributes to Gardners:

5) My CraveBooks promo:


    2 replies to "Paul’s Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 25 for Saturday 1st July 2023 [Season Finale]"

    • Bill Cokas

      Outstanding news, Paul–a hearty congratulations! You’ve been quite an inspiration to me throughout your “journey,” and in my opinion, this is like the climax of a well-crafted novel: surprising but inevitable! Well-deserved, as you’ve proved that talent–plus persistence and patience–can yield overdue rewards. Best of luck with Storm!

      • Paul Teague

        Many thanks, Bill, I appreciate your kind comments. I’ll make sure I update on the Storm progress via the podcast, albeit slightly less regularly while i’m getting those first 5 x books sorted out 🙂

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