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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 1 for Saturday 14th January 2023.

Show notes for this week's episode …

1) Matthew J. Holmes Twitter thread – 7 simple steps to dramatically improve the performance of your Amazon Ads and sell more books:

2) Check out Sophie Hannah's webinar replay on her planning method HERE

3) Matthew J. Holmes 5 x most effective marketing strategies:

4) BookBub featured deal tips …

5) Dave Chesson blog – Amazon account suspension:

6) AI artwork Twitter thread:

7) Pixar storytelling thread:

8) Ron Vitale 2022 wrap-up:

9) Lastpass drama!

WIRED: LastPass Data Breach: It’s Time to Ditch This Password Manager – see

The Verge: The LastPass disclosure of leaked password vaults is being torn apart by security experts. See

Graham Cluley: LastPass: after the LastPass hack, here's what you need to know. See

Android Police: Why Enpass is my perfect LastPass replacement password manager. See

6 things I wish someone told me before I signed up for a password manager. See

I'll be moving over to Bitwarden:

10) 23 marketing strategies for authors to start (or keep) using in 2023:

11) Rachel Herron – Money Episode:

12) Written Word Media publishing trends article:

13) Heather Parry UK self-assessment tips: (

14) Ingram ID – new advertising platform, giving access to Ingram customer lists:


    2 replies to "Paul’s Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 1 for Saturday 14th January 2023 [Episode 400!]"

    • Paul Teague

      Thanks, Jacqui, I’ve had a good response to the writing diary, and I’ll try and sustain it for the duration of this book as it’s a useful experiment if nothing else.

      Your books look great and I love that title for the psychological thriller!

      Thank you for sticking with the podcast for so long and all the best with your writing – I’ll look forward to targeting you in my Amazon ads someday soon 🙂

      Best wishes, Paul

    • Jacqueline Beard

      Hi Paul – congratulations on your 400th episode. I’ve listened to your podcast for several years and find it very useful, particularly the bolt-on to today’s episode detailing how you approach your novel writing. I’m a mystery writer with 13 novels under my belt, the latest of which is my first psychological thriller. But, as you say, starting a new book is always daunting, and because writers are solitary creatures, it’s hard to know how others approach the process. Your account is very encouraging, especially as I write similarly using Scrivenor and loose chapter outlines. I hope you keep up this part of the podcast – it’s unique, helpful and reassuring. Congratulations once again, and it’s good to hear you back on the airwaves. 🙂 Jacqui

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