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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Monday 2nd September, 2019.

Coming up this week:

  • In a specially extended episode I'll be sharing my tech toolkit for indie authors

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

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My Tech Toolkit For Indie Authors

It’s important that software services have apps – I do everything I can to use services which are cloud-based. Scrivener is the exception, but I don’t like cloud writing tools. I’d use Google Docs if I wrote in the cloud. I don’t like StoryShop and I LOVE Novel Factory, but I don’t use it for writing.

If you don't have a website, remember that you can build basic landing pages using MailerLite:

My MailerLite sci-fi landing page:

My MailerLite thriller landing page:

This gives you a simple web presence AND allows you to start building your mailing list straight away.


I use WordPress for my websites:

Note: I do not install WordPress via that website, I use an auto-installer provided via cpanel which my hosting service makes available to me.

I use Siteground's WordPress hosting for building websites – see my referral link here.

I have used OptimizePress for many years:

I use Thrive Themes for marketing related tools:

Elementor is a great, free WordPress website builder:

I use the Classic Editor plugin to suppress the horrible new block editor in WordPress: [this is supported until december 2021]

I use Manage XP to manage multiple WordPress websites:

I use Sucuri for WordPress security:

Fasthosts for my domain names:

My WordPress book:

Site security

I use Authy instead of Google Authenticator:

I'm a big fan of Lastpass for managing my passwords:

Web & mobile security

Avast is my preferred security tool for my PC and mobile phone:

Social scheduling

Buffer was my preferred tool, the interface is about to go horrible 🙁

TweetDeck at and Hootsuite at and both decent alternatives.


MailerLite is my preferred tool – my referral link here





PLEASE check out Canva here:

BookBrush is highly recommended if you advertise your books – my referral link is here

MyEcovermaker is a great tool for creating 3D images – my referral link is here

ALSO for image cut-outs 


The one software you must buy is Vellum:

Scrivener is the ‘must have' writing software:

Google Drive is a great, free alternative:


Camtasia is my ‘must-have' video and audio editing software:

Most people use Audacity (but I hate it!):


Libsyn is excellent for podcast syndication:

Auphonic can be used for polishing your audio quality:

Zoom is a great Skype alternative:


Use GeniusD2D for geo-located links – my referral link is here.


Draft2Digital's linking tool – my referral link here.

PrettyLinks in WordPress:

Accounts [UK]

Trying out CountingUp app – all-in-one banking & accounts:

Currently use QuickBooks self-employed, want something that takes less time … quicker to reconcile and MTD compatible:

Delivering free e-Books

BookFunnel (my preferred service):

Prolific Works:



Interesting, free keyword tool:

PublisherRocket – for book-related keyword research:

KLytics – for hot niche & category research: 

Virtual office address

This is an amazing service for your virtual office address:


I use (and love!) Invoco for business telephony:

Skype is a must for simple comms:

Task management

I use a whiteboard and printed sheets – you can download my printed sheet template here.

I used Trello for recording and organising notes:

I used Slack for my Military Sci-Fi collaboration:

Asana is another good tool:

Here is the task management software that I forgot the name of:

Live calls

Zoom is a great Skype alternative:


Skype for web:


Google Drive:



GoodSynch is great for  to hard drives:

Travel – Chrome book:

MacBook simulation


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