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Paul’s Podcast Diary 170 (Saturday 14th September, 2019)

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5-Figure Fiction Formula by P Teague

Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Saturday 14th September, 2019.

Coming up this week:

  • And they’re off! My rapid release project has begun with NYSH launching on Monday 9th September
  • I’ve done it at long last – Now You See Her is number 1 in paid on a US chart AND it got a coveted orange tag!
  • I’ve taken delivery of my new covers for the Morecambe Bay trilogy – and they’re fab!
  • It’s last-minute preparations for my next BookBub promo which starts on Monday 16th Sept … I’ll tell you how I’m tying it in with my rapid releases

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This Week's Talking Points

1) Elizabeth Mackey covers:

Morecambe Bay Trilogy

2) Bill Cokas sent over this email from Amazon:

Amazon email

3) Shaun Stevens, a former guest on this show, is now offering a book cover creation service.

Here are some examples:

4) Following Adan Nicholls' advice on making the most of my BookBub promo:

5) Rapid Release images:

6) Amazon promo pages:

Now You See Her https://paulteague.co.uk/now-you-see-her/

Dead of Night https://paulteague.co.uk/dead-of-night-2/

One Last Chance https://paulteague.co.uk/one-last-chance-2/

No More Secrets https://paulteague.co.uk/no-more-secrets/

So Many Lies https://paulteague.co.uk/so-many-lies/

Two Years After https://paulteague.co.uk/two-years-after/

Friends Who Lie https://paulteague.co.uk/friends-who-lie/

Left For Dead https://paulteague.co.uk/left-for-dead/

This Week on social media

Very interesting article from Lucy on what happens when things go wrong with your website: https://icon.org.uk/news/lucy-branch-acr-how-marilyns-boobs-nearly-crushed-my-conservation-business

How to Start a Podcast by P Teague

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