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Paul’s Podcast Diary 042 (Saturday 1st April, 2017)

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Welcome to Paul’s Podcast Diary for Saturday 1st April, 2017.

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you’ll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

If I ever miss something out, or you’d like more information, just drop me an email at paul@paulteague.com.

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This Week’s Talking Points

1) The benefits of using YouTube – page views grow consistently over time and drive decent web traffic:

YouTube stats

2) This is a preview for my InstaFreebie webinar on Wednesday 5th April – you can register via https://free-book-giveaways.com/webinar/

InstaFreebie Leads Explosion

3) My InstaFreebie Crime/Thriller Giveaway event has gone really well this week https://freebie-books.com/crime-thrillers/

This is what the leaderboard looks like: https://freebie-books.com/leaderboard-mar2017/

A look at leads added during the week:

Mailchimp leads

4) Amazon Academy event took place in Manchester on Friday 31st March.

Speakers were:

Tracy Bloom https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tracy-Bloom/e/B00BSRA0TA/

Keith Houghton https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keith-Houghton/e/B005UMEUJA/

Joseph Alexander https://www.amazon.co.uk/Joseph-Alexander/e/B008VW6Q0M/

Amazon Academy

5) Reminder! The Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester on Saturday 22nd April https://selfpublishingconference.org.uk/

6) Reminder! The Newcastle Writing Conference on Saturday 20th May http://newwritingnorth.com/projects/newcastle-writing-conference/

7) My Q1/Q2 planning boards:

Quick Links

Check out my weekly parkrun updates here

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Web Hosting

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update: http://selfpublishingadvice.org/self-publishing-news-strength-to-strength/

Recommended for listing on Google Play and distributing books to China ...


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  • Julie Cordiner

    Reply Reply April 2, 2017

    Fab diary this week Paul – it absolutely resonated with me. You add so much value.
    I’m also working 3 days per week, and have delivered sessions at four national conferences in the last couple of months, while doing half the work with my business partner on blogs, newsletters, producing a plan for our next set of non fiction books and editing existing drafts of two books. On top of this, I’m trying to edit (more like rewrite!) a women’s contemporary novel that started out life in NaNoWriMo 2014, hoping to get a professional edit in advance of FOW this September, just to test out if it stands any chance out there. I’m intending to self publish it, so I also need to work my way through your course modules (note to self…), having not quite completed the ALLI Fringe episodes yet.

    I use a monthly (smaller) whiteboard and it definitely helps to motivate me. But sometimes I am tempted to cheat and put something on that I have already done so I can tick it!! Disgraceful I know… but if it keeps you going then what’s the harm?!

    Your diary was a timely reminder that I shouldn’t beat myself up about not getting everything done – many thanks.

    • Paul Teague

      Reply Reply April 2, 2017

      Thanks Julie, it is ridiculous the work we have to do to ignite our author careers – I also know the lure of the whiteboard ‘cheat’ tick 🙂

      I spent Saturday just doing the tasks that I fancied doing, that completely refreshed me, and I was up at 6.30am on Sunday refreshed and ready to go with my webinar prep.

      So creating a little white space in the schedule is a good think I think.

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