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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Saturday 22nd February 2020.

Coming up this week:

  • We’ve been away in Amsterdam this week – I’ll be updating you on the meagre amounts of author work that got done
  • I have double BookBub news for you in sci-fi and thrillers – but is it a thumbs up, thumbs down or maybe a bit of both?
  • The life of a struggling indie author viewed through 5 years’ worth of D2D tax reports

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

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This Week's Talking Points

Awkward Authorpodcast episode covering non-fiction books:

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