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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 7 for Saturday 25th February 2023.

Show notes for this week's episode …

1) Find out more at Claire Cronshaw's editing services at

2) KENP royalty calculator:

3) Nicholas Erik training:

4) Society of Authors webinars –

5) How to Get More BookBub Featured Deals (2023 Guide)

6) Jericho Writers course? Ultimate Novel Writing Course:

7) Jerry Evanoff/Rich Kasey – excellent experiment with ChatGPT: (Play from 56 minutes)

8) Dan Soule – Independent Authors Manifesto –

9) Written Word Media – 5 Amazon Ad Tips To Improve Your Book Sales

10) The Digital Marketing Podcast – Alternatives To Google Analytics:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Fathom Analytics
  • PIWIK Pro Analytics Suite
  • Matomo Analytics
  • Oribi Analytics
  • Usercentrics

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