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Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 5, Episode 11 for Saturday 25th March 2023.

Q1 Review

Writing Goals

> Well over 100k words written this quarter … [92526 words to 8/3] … Started and completed book 2 and well over 33% of book 3

> Book one is edited and ready to send to beta readers

> Book 2 is one-third edited

> Podcast Episodes up to episode 11 of a 25-episode season … Reminder! Season 5 ends on Saturday 24th June]

> Wills updated – estate management

> TRAINING – big fail on this … will get books ready, then have a summer of training esp. Amazon Ads & Dream Author content fail [but ongoing]

> AI N/F books – fail [but ongoing]

> Self-assessment tax submission

> Library editions of MB series – fail [but ongoing]

> MailerLite monthly emails – fail [but ongoing]

> 1 x corporate training

Conclusions …

  • I think that’s pretty productive from a writing & editing POV
  • Things that aren’t as proactive as writing create more resistance for me and therefore I put them off
  • I’m spending a lot of time on leisure and exercise these days and I’m happy with that
  • I have been EXTREMELY happy with the balance I’m now achieving between being a writer and enjoying my time away from writing

Exercise & Leisure

> Travel – to Malaga & Benidorm & Lisbon – who can complain about that?!

> 10k Big runs … Carlisle Resolution, X Border, Carlisle Half … loved them, love doing them, get a HUGE sense of achievement

> parkrun volunteers 71-78 … aiming to hit 100 before the end of the year

> parkruns 132-138 … aiming to complete 100 runs at Carlisle this year

> 8 x runs at the nature reserve

> Stretching & weights … been trying to find a routine for this … have kept it up and got a routine, want to develop that further now

What I need to do more of …

Improving my marketing

Fiction reading 

Q2 Preview

> Writing & Editing:

> Book 3 will be written, edited and sent to Claire Cronshaw by 11th June

> Book 2 fully edited, sent to Claire Cronshaw, Claire’s edits made & ARC copy locked & loaded in BookFunnel

> Attend SPS Live in London [train strike dependent!]

> Ongoing, but unlikely … Amazon Ads training

> Order e-book book covers

> Podcast episodes 12-25 & season 5 completed [Episode 425]

> Running:

– parkruns 140-151

– Archieve 100th parkrun @ Carlisle = ‘SingleTON’

– Get to 89 volunteers at parkrun

– At least 1 x 10k run per month … currently got 5 x booked

– 6 x Sunday runs at the nature reserve

> Travel:

  • Trip to Hull & Rotterdam – also visit to Hull tidal barrier [getting pix for promos etc]
  • POSSIBLE trip to Denmark/Norway/Sweden around parkrun … unlikely, but time has been set aside for it
  • I have travel possibilities around parkruns, but will fix these up nearer the time
  • Quiet ref: travel!

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