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Paul Teague authorWelcome to Paul's Podcast Diary Season 4

This page pulls together all the season 4 episodes (x6).

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

If you're new to the podcast and want to easily access the back catalogue of podcast diaries, in chronological order, please check out this page.

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Season 4 Episodes


    2 replies to "Paul’s Podcast Diary Season 4 [2021-2022]"

    • Desmond G. Palmer

      Hello Mr Paul Teague,
      I’ve been following you now for a few years. I’ve tried to remember exactly when it was that I joined journey, it was either through Clare Sager’s old podcast or that shorter SPF podcast they used to have. Either way, it was during that period when you were trying rapid release.

      As a burgeoning author myself, listening to you go through the up and downs of the business has been very valuable. so when the podcast went into semiretirement, I left the feed open; I kind of had the feeling that you would be back, because new things are always coming along it seems.

      As I said earlier, I’m an author. I started out with a YA fantasy trilogy, which I originally planned to be 9 books, consisting of 3 trilogies. But I kind of lost my way a bit, I may go back to it one day and if I do, it will be more of an epic fantasy book for an older readership.

      What I write now is archaeological thrillers, as they call them, but for me its more archaeological action/adventure, because they’re more akin to Indiana Jones and Lara Croft than Da Vinci Code. The switch has been a good one. I got my first UK No1 in the free store when it was released. It was my first book to get a international BookBub deal. It was also my first book to get Best seller tags in 2 categories. The second book in the series is out and I’ve completed the 3rd and started the 4th as I intend to release books 3, 4 and 5 next summer, hopefully on the back of another BookBub. I love writing in this genre, doing the historical research and action scenes reminiscent to the films I like.

      I wanted to reach out and welcome you back and point out a few things. You think of yourself as medium level author making around £2000+ per month. The funny thing is, that’s the level I’m currently aiming for. At the moment I work fulltime on the London Underground earning around £2300. Ideally I want to take early retirement in 3yrs at 50 if I can make the equivalent in book sales. If not I should at least be able to go part-time and then retire at 55.

      I know we look up to the likes of Mark Dawson, Joanna Penn, but they also have non fiction books, Joanna used to do public speaker, and the Dawson has money coming it from many different sources. People like LJ Ross and Lindsay Buroker seem to make their money purely from their books and the voracious appetite of their fanbase. But those two are like unicorns.

      So I’ve set my sights on emulating you Mr Paul Teague.

      Maybe I’ll see you at SPF Live next year.

      Welcome back!

      • Paul Teague

        What a great blog comment, thanks so much for writing this Desmond, I really appreciate it.

        Congratulations on your BookBub and writing success – as you add more to the series, that number one chart position will create a trickle-through into sales on books 2,3,4 etc and then you’ll find that you’re on you’re way to generating a decent income.

        I think so many podcasts make a big thing of being a 6-figure author, although we’d all very much like that, we don’t all need level of success to reach our personal goals.

        Your financial targets are very achievable, if you keep plugging away at those books and building a series, that’s a very realistic goal.

        I’d love to say ‘hi’ if I make it to SPS in 2023, please keep in touch and I wish you all the very best with your writing.

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