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Tools & Resources For Your Self-Publishing Business [Part 1]

Writing & Editing Tools
> Scrivener – reliable, it works, widely used. See
> Living Writer – still not quite ready – have to sort out the smart quotes issue – they’ve promised it’s imminent! See
> Novel Factory – still like it, the download version, but I’ve half migrated to Living Writer for these functions. See
> Reedsy Free Tool – love this – simple and it works, just not comprehensive enough. See
> Word – it’s got better … dictation built in now, I do like the spelling & grammar checker … it gives corrections at a level I can cope with. See
> Prefer Grammarly to ProWritingAid (though keep returning to PRA). See and
> Google Docs – an old favourite – been using since 2001! See
> Vellum -can’t beat it, don’t want to replace it. See
Hosting & web …
> WordPress all the way for me! See and
> Hosting – Fasthosts WP – NOT Siteground now. See
> OptimizePress (suggest you look at Elementor for an equivalent). See and
> Domain names – Fasthosts. See
Listing Platforms
> Amazon – the best – built-in promos. See
> Smashwords! New convert – I like it! See
> D2D  – great promo opportunities now. See
> Google Books – hugely improved interface, would prefer better sales info. See
> Kobo – robust and straightforward, always enter their promos – 50% success rate. See
> Ingram Spark – newly improved income interface, MUCH better. Join ALLi for 5 x codes each month. See
> PublishDrive – feel like it has less to offer smaller authors now, but it does help you to reach some unique territories. See
Graphics …
> Canva  – paid upgrade – this is the best tool for websites and social media. Video creation very simple. See
> BookBrush – in two minds – got a Black Friday offer to end July, which will cover my new series. See
> DepositPhoto – watch out for the AppSumo offers, David Gaughran or Dave Chesson usually shout it out. See
> Fiverr for boxsets. See

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