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Tools & Resources For Your Self-Publishing Business [Part 3]

Learning resources
> Craig Martelle – 5 Minute Focus (You must be a member of 20BooksTo50k to access)
> Amazon/FB Ads Academy – Matthew J Holmes
> FB (Affiliate Link):
> Sophie Hannah – Dream Author
> Dave Chesson emails and blog posts –
> Less interested in SPF courses, but still lots of value in there:
> Used for a thriller course this year
> Joined for 1 yearprotonmail
Miscellaneous …
> UK Postbox (Affiliate link) –
> FreeAgent (Affiliate Link) –
> Camtasia for audio & video –
> Snagit for screenshots – also Awesome Screenshot Chrome addon –
> Google docs in preference to Microsoft Office – pay for 200GB of storage, so have dropped Dropbox … find OneDrive too confusing for synch:
> Trello with Planyway for time management. See and
> Avast Premium for PC security –
> Lastpass for password management –
> Authy for 2FA (better to use if you have a PC failure) –
Future Looking …
> Protonmail – for encrypted email, with VPN and cloud storage included:
> Brave browser – blocks ads and protects data:
> GA4 – Google Analytics changes – July 1st 2023, with  final cut-off date of
> The Digital Marketing Podcast – where I go to keep up-to-date with the latest tech developments:
> Descript for podcast editing –

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